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Folio Box Mockups Now with Acrylic Prestige
New in: Acrylic Prestige collection in Folio Boxes

Say hello to the Acrylic Prestige

We're introduced one of the recently most asked product: Folio Box in the Acrylic Prestige collection. Two options of an edge-to-edge acrylic plated cover are available in all sizes.

You can now accentuate the cover of your Folio Box with a striking glass-like plate with an image underneath.

High quality prints

Astonish your clients with Matted Prints that are mounted in a refined elegant frame. Choose one of 6 available colors and achieve a modern and original look for your artwork.

Or present your photography on full image cards, carefully mounted onto professional quality, rigid boards. Board Mounted Prints are made to make an impact on your viewers with its minimalistic design that fits in perfectly with the current trends.

High Quality Matted Prints for Folio Box
Folio Box with Full Image Cards and USB 3.0 Drive Included

Wide box customisation

Broad personalisation options allow you to create a product that truly reflects the main theme of your photo session. Pick from over 80 cover materials, in Textile, Leatherette and Velvet fabrics.

Personalise your box with UV print, laser etch or embossed text to add that extra touch.

Include a USB 3.0 drive in capacity of your choice in your Folio Box and enjoy the best of both, Printed and Digital worlds.

Add accessories for an easy upsell

Nothing goes better with Folio Boxes than our brand new accessories tailored to fit any size Folio Box prints.

Handcrafted out of the best natural woods our Tabletop Display Easel Stand and Wooden Photo Ledge are the ideal upselling tools to pair with Folio Boxes.

Sell additional accessories like Display Easel Stand with your Folio Boxes

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