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Senior Sample Guide

Learn which products work for senior photography, why having samples for them is important for moving away from digital, and browse product bundles, which you can recreate right at your fingertips.

Pet Sample Guide

Animal photographers, you aren't left out - read what other animal photographers think, and see what products can perfectly adorn your often-hairier model's photos. See why print is slowly becoming more popular in your genre.

Equine Sample Guide

Get all the inspiration and advice you need for starting off in this magical genre. Read what other photographers have to say about print in equine photography and find product combinations that suit your work.

Complete Guide to Wall Decor

Find out all there is to nPhoto Wall Decor products and why they should become a staple part of your offer! Learn from photography experts how these additions can add a whole new level to your print sales.

Wedding Sample Guide

Addressed to Wedding photographers but the tips will help any aspiring photography business. These PDFs are full of advice from leading professionals in the business.

Newborn Sample Guide

What is the ideal product for Newborn photography? All that and more in this Newborn Sample Guide. You don't want to miss downloading this goldmine of knowledge.

nPhoto Journal

The difference between sample and demo products, why can't you see prices right off the bat and why does every client get their very own sales representative? You can find the answers to these and more in the nPhoto Journal PDF.